Nicoletta Buioni

When I started this project, I followed what for me was the most important thing in life: to be free.
Even in fashion, you have to wear what you want in a “FREE” way.
Describing my story, you will understand how this word has influenced my choices in life.
I attended a Fashion Marketing course in a famous school in Florence and after my degree I had different working experiences in this field (also important).
But my greatest wish has always been to work on my own, to better express my creativity, in a free way,
… so Chix Bags project comes out!
I hope to have a certain “sensitivity” for all that is fashion, but when I choose a fabric, an accessory, I do not follow its rules too much.
Simply I follow my taste, my instinct …
I am a “detail maniac” (my friends knows!), I always look for originality, convinced that
All combined to strong “craftmanship taste” of the handmade, always fascinating.
An HAND MADE gritty, modern, and of course Chix!

I decided not to “imprison” necessarily my bags in collections, but simply to make them be born from the creativity (or madness) of the moment … there are timeless creations.
You will find all UNIQUE and DIFFERENT bags, always reminding you that if you wear something special you will always be noticed!
So … if you love me follow me…
At this regard I have to thank all people who have followed me in this adventure with a lot of patience,
believing in me (not so easy) and making my project possible.
I recommend ….
Nicoletta Buioni !